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Premiere Dance Studio

Policies & Procedures:

Premiere Dance Studio is a learning institution. The following are policies designed to help your child have the best experience possible. In order to have this happen, we require your cooperation as a parent with these policies and procedures.

Registration Fee
The registration fee is $25 and is required of each student, payable at the beginning of the dance year. This fee is non-refundable if you choose to leave.

Monthly Tuition
You will be made aware of your monthly tuition upon signing your registration form. This will be due at the 1st of every month and no later than the 15th. If not paid by the 15th, there will be a $10 late fee. You will be given the option of enrolling in our bank draft program. Each month your monthly tuition will be automatically taken from your checking account. If you choose not to participate, a $5 non-draft charge will be added to your monthly tuition.

The calendar is set-up so that you will receive four weeks of class each month. We realize that some months have three weeks, while others have five. Keep in mind, our students will go an additional week in June for rehearsals, and no tuition is due that month. This also includes a two week break for Christmas and one week for spring break. If you begin in the middle of the month, we will pro-rate at that time.

If you choose to participate in recital, your costume must be paid in full before you leave for Christmas break. If not paid, the late fee will be applied to your balance. $5/costume/month.

Recital Fees
You will be asked to pay your recital fee before you are allowed to pick out your tickets for recital. The recital fee must be made for each student. It covers the cost of the venue and gives you an allotted amount of tickets, usually 4. The due date for this is May 1st.

Our PRIMARY form of communication with parents is in our Facebook group. Our group is simply called “Premiere Dance.” Please join our group to ensure you have the latest information at all times. Other ways we communicate include handouts, signs around the studio, and communication with your instructor. Always feel free to stop at the front desk and ask for any information that you may have missed.

There are no refunds given for missing classes or withdrawing from the studio.

Return Checks
Any checks returned “insufficient funds” or “stop payment” will hold the parent liable for the original amount of the check PLUS a $40 charge, due in cash within 30 days to avoid legal action.

Missing Classes
If for any reason you miss class, please contact the studio and let us know that you are alright. After you miss the second time and no one has notified us, we will contact you. Your spot in class will be held until a two week notice is given and you will be charged for the spot being held.

Special Fees
Dance supplies, costume money, t-shirt, DVD, recital fees, etc. are due when posted. See the calendar for these special dates. There are no exceptions.

Any student that fails to show up for class more than three times will be at risk of being pulled out of recital and will be decided by the teacher upon her or his discretion. Any student that is being disruptive in class will be asked to sit in the viewing area and the parent will be notified at the end of class. All students are required to be prepared for class and in proper attire. Rules of the studio must be followed at all times. No refunds will be given for disciplinary actions.

Proper attire must be worn such as: leo, tights, shorts, skirts, dance pants, and/or shirts, etc. Hair must be pulled back and secure. At no time is there to be midriff or bottoms exposed.

Student Liability Disclaimer
There is no running, rough playing, swearing, chewing gum, food or drink (anywhere except at tables). I will respect the teacher and other students. I agree to follow all the policies and procedures of Premiere Dance Studio. I realize there is a degree of danger in any physical activity and hereby hold harmless all students and instructors, as well as the complex and its staff, from any liability involving an injury or death. I also realize that failure to follow the rules is not limited to but subject to dismissal and up to the owner/staff’s discretion.

Premiere Dance Studio
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